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We are an IT company, supporting digitization in the Industry, Energy and Utility sectors.

We inspire and create solutions for Industry and Utilities to perform better.
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Our client chose us for our unique
skills and experience.

Subject Matter Experts
with in-depth knowledge in the power, heat and water industry.

Industry know-how
Showed in our industry-specific algorithms and unique solutions.

Software development
capabilities such as integration, data science, and agile.

We specialize in IT/OT and IoT integration. We combine industry knowledge, integrative competences and Big Data, GIS, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Warsaw / Częstochowa / Dusseldorf
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InnoEnergy is the innovation engine for Europ’s Energy industry. It invests in businesses and help develop innovative products, services and solutions to accelerate sustainable Energy innovations.

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  • German Office

    ConnectPoint GmbH
    Oberbilker Allee 165
    40227 Düsseldorf

  • Polish Office

    ConnectPoint Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Zagadki 21
    02-227 Warsaw