Live Utility Network Assistant

Real time utility network monitoring and visualization

with control room operations dashboard

Flexible and effective distribution network management.

Live Utility Network Assistant is a comprehensive solution for control room staff, analytics and engineering teams, as well as for managers who need key insight in the decision-making process. Features:


Real-time network performance monitoring
Automated visualization
Configurable operations dashboard
How we deliver
Live Utility Network Assistant is an integrated solution, that’s why we provide the product together with all related professional services in one package, providing customization, integration and execution. Through our key partnerships we also deliver and integrate 3rd party components, covering crucial areas such as data collection, processing and visualization.
Operational intelligence with OSIsoft PI

Intelligent Utility Network harnesses cutting-edge technology to collect and process operational data. A certified partner of OSIsoft, we have a proven track record in implementation of operational intelligence using PI

Data visualization with esriGIS

Visualize raw and analyzed data from the utility network in real time in geospatial format. Make the right decision and minimize risk by having true and timely insight, in particular by having ready access to the inventory and events data you need.

End-to-end IT/OT integration services

We specialize in full-stack service of IT/OT architecture, implementation and maintenance of end-to-end software solutions which turn collected data into valuable assets.

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Intelligence across heating network with real-time GIS visualization

ConnectPoint is helping the largest heating network in EU, a transnational utility company, drive cutting-edge technology and proactive insight to optimize their everyday operations.