Building real-time intelligence in utility networks

Building intelligence on distribution networks - transformation of Utility Companies towards building Business Intelligence and Operations Efficiency

Utilities need to digitalize their networks in order to achieve potential benefits from new sources of information - better demand forecasting and thus more optimal usage of the infrastructure, faster downtime detection, predictive and risk-based maintenance

Our competencies

We deliver full-blown solutions as well as domain knowledge needed to build proper architecture, AI models, RBM tools (in the areas of Power, Heat and Water distribution) that allow our customers to achieve

  • Fast downtime detection and downtime reaction on any level (assets as well as data acquisition or IT infrastructure) - thanks to real-time monitoring of the network assets and visualization on the control room
  • Flexible and effective network management - our control-room solutions are real-time and GIS-centric that is crucial for any distribution network
  • Reduction of the decision time and human error - thanks to supportive information and analyses delivered in real-time to operational teams
  • Reduction of the Customers claims - thanks to integration of help-desks and call centers

ConnectPoint conducted the project of Intelligent Utility network to the largest Heating network in EU which proves our competences in this area

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If you are interested in success stories of our clients and what we deliver in Utility Intelligence projects, please download the case studies
Intelligence across heating network with real-time GIS visualization

ConnectPoint is helping the largest heating network in EU, a transnational utility company, drive cutting-edge technology and proactive insight to optimize their everyday operations.

Water supply management across Municipal Water and Sewerage Company
ConnectPoint integrated IT/OT infrastructure of large Municipality company into one Central Data Repository solution to enable better network and demand management, forecasting and waste management.