IoT and Data Processing

Nowadays companies are gathering a lot of data from various sources and systems. We help to understand them using big data approach to discover real infrastructure and customer insights, predict and forecast, as well as analyze operational issues to detect outage or fraud.

The growing number of devices that collects data, various sensors that can monitor the performance of machines makes the necessity not only to collect the data in the real-time.

The important aspect is to gather the data and analyze them to provide management decision to the right stakeholders in the companies

Our competencies

In ConnectPoint, we provide our Clients with the possibility to

  • Provide the right tools and advisory for data processing
  • Enable to collect data from various devices and harmonize data for the decision management purposes
  • Build the full architecture of the IoT ecosystems in the factory, utility provides (sensors, data collection system and processing, visualization)

We conducted the projects for various companies as production monitoring system, real-time data processing from wind-farms and many others which position us as the leading system integrator in this area