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Project Description

The idea to create Smart X came out of observations of IoT home market. Lately, we have seen the increasing amount of devices and applications that let automate different aspects of building management, energy usage, and individual devices.

Usually, these are the single systems, ex. The manufacturer gives you the ability to connect blinders, doors, and garage doors into one application. To link a water meter or a car, you should buy a completely different system. First of all, it makes a user’s life easier harder. Secondly, this approach does not allow for comprehensive customer’s energy consumption analysis. So far, the most advanced solutions for customer profiling are based on a data breakdown from smart meters.

Smart X goes a step further. It lets you get more detailed readings from connected devices and systems, combined with information like weathercast. It also allows you to build cross-platform rules that give energy providers the tools to precisely control the utility demand.

Duration of the project

01.01.2018 – 31.12.2019

Project objective

The project aim is to conduct research and development (R&D) works that lead to the creation of a Product Innovation in the area of intelligent building solutions and IoT.

Planned effects

The effects will be delivered within steps:

· architecture and implementation of connectors that integrate data sources in Smart X

· implementation of spread backend with database from SmartX platform and front end (graphic interfaces)

· sharing the product in pilot version to the potential clients

Project value

3 803 436,00 PLN

EU funds

2 282 061,60 PLN