Realtime operational data infrastructure

OSIsoft is a world-leading solution for sensor-based data.
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Sensors & AssetsCRMBudgeting & PlanningOperationsFinancialData SourcesCollectManageAnalyzeAdvanced AnalyticsDescriptiveDiagnosticPredictive & PrescriptiveReport & VisualizeTake a rightaction
Sensors & AssetsCRMBudgeting & PlanningOperationsFinancialCollectManageAnalyzeDescriptiveDiagnosticPredictive & PrescriptiveReport & VisualizeTake a rightactionData SourcesAdvanced Analytics

We are the biggest PI integrator in Poland with all of the OSIsoft accreditations.

OSIsoft Enable Operational Intelligence

Data SourcesData IntegrationCentralDataRepositoryReal-time VisualizationsFurtherAnalyticsData AnalysisVisualizationCalculationImpactsSafety & SecurityEnergy UtilizationProcess EfficiencyAsset HealthQualityRegulatory Complianc
Data SourcesData IntegrationReal-time VisualizationsFurtherAnalyticsData AnalysisImpactsVisualizationCalculationSafety & SecurityEnergy UtilizationProcess EfficiencyAsset HealthQualityRegulatory ComplianceCentralDataRepository

Talk with our experts how OSIsoft can transform your company

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Our Expertise


Installation, integration, configuration, architecture, upgrades, application design and development. The implementation can take less than ten weeks.


Our OSIsoft team can take full care of the system or support you during emergencies and everything in-between.


Improvement projects to unlock full PI potential. PI Optimization and Implementation of PI Vision, Asset Framework.


Customised courses lead by our experienced PI System experts. We offer training about the PI System for new administrators.

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PI User

  • Visualizing PI System Data with Pi Vision
  • Creating basic reports with PI DataLink
  • Building Displays with PI Data ProcessBook

PI Power User

  • Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF
  • Configuring Analytics with PI AF

With our clients we developed solutions that enhance OSIsoft.

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Reports ProcessingReports deliverySourcesFileshareGoogle Drive / Team Drive Onedrive for businessTableauPowerBIOSIsoft ProductsMS WordMS ExcelReport generation from filesPreview of reports is available in Smart RDM. No need to go to other toolsReport RepositoryAccess any type of file througt the Smart RDM portalAccess to reportsPersonalised dashboardGroups and roles in organizationsPermissions to access reportsManage users permissions to ensure securitySupport various file formatsReady to download in Smart RDMAutomatic distributionDirectly to your emailRaport previewRight in Smart RDMAvailable on any deviceWeb browser, mobile device

Case Study


Better waste management during production

Flexible management of machines to meet production demand requirements in less time


Creation of Central Data Repository (CDP) for both machine and process data. (based on OSIsoft PI System)

Advanced, real-time analytics and KPI calculations in various contexts (shifts or orders) available in real-time on interactive dashboards.


Detailed insight into the correlation between production and business activities

Provide just-in-time reporting for staff meetings

Detailed insight into the correlation between production and business activities

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