Advanced Analytics for Process Manufacturing Data

Seeq integration, implementation and training provided by ConnectPoint.
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Sensors & AssetsCRMBudgeting & PlanningOperationsFinancialCollectManageAnalyzeDescriptiveDiagnosticPredictive & PrescriptiveReport & VisualizeTake a rightactionData SourcesAdvanced Analytics

Experience Advanced Analytics

What happened?

Near real-time profitability, analytics to inform decisions on maintenance schedules

Why did it happen?

Avoided downtime and affiliated losses of $100k per day per well

What is happening?

Providing 12-hour notice of sewer pump outages to ensure safe harvests

What should happen?

Evaluate options to make decisions that optimise outcomes

What will happen?

Revenue increase by maintaining nearly 100% uptime at lower cost

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Clean and validate data from metres before they are used in other systems.


Implementation of Seeq as an extra analytical layer in the data handling process. Data are exported from OSISoft PI. Then the dataset is cleaned and validated in Seeq. Updated data set is exported to business systems and back to OSISoft PI.


  • Fast implementation,
  • Easy to perform advanced analytical process,
  • Clean dataset that allows for implementation of more advanced alorithms (consumption prediction).

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