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We connect companies’ process, sensor and machine data to value, so you can make more informed decisions. We use our custom solutions as well as systems from our leading technological partners.

We support you on every step of data handling: from collection to advanced analytics

Sensors & AssetsCRMBudgeting & PlanningOperationsFinancialData SourcesCollectManageAnalyzeAdvanced AnalyticsDescriptiveDiagnosticPredictive & PrescriptiveReport & VisualizeTake a rightaction
Sensors & Assets CRM Budgeting & Planning Operations Financial Collect Manage Analyze Descriptive Diagnostic Predictive & Prescriptive Report & Visualize Take a right action Data Sources Advanced Analytics

We are experts in these Industries

Power & Heat

& Smart City


& Smart Grid

For each of our clients we craft customized offer with our team.
This way we can focus on embracing your core advantages and solving main challenges.

  • IT systems Integration
  • IoT implementation
  • OT/IT
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digitalization
  • Devices and assets
  • Web portals
  • Digital Twins
  • Big Data
  • Algorithms development
  • AI
  • Data Science Team
  • Innovations
  • R&D
  • Partnerships with universities and research institutions

Our proven solutions are used by industry leaders

With our clients we developed products that change the industry

Nexo Heat allows smart heat supply management by utilities, Increase the efficiency of the heating network.
Platform for monitoring and predictive analytics for energy transistor and energy distribution networks. Improve the balance in a network with advanced anayltics.
Platform for monitoring and predictive analytics for wind turbines and wind farms. Optimize your energy production and lower maintenance cost.

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